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GrowYellow provides growth professionals who have specialized and in-depth knowledge and experience in B2B growth hacking, sales and channel development to accelerate technology companies’ growth power with low risk and investment.

Extended network
With our extended network of more than 100.000 LinkedIn contacts and a database with +5000 potential customers we can accelerate you into new markets very rapidly. We are using all the new tools available to select target customers, demonstrate your value proposition to potential customers or partners – and close business. This way we enable you to grow fast, accelerate turnover and marketing within in your home market and entering new markets rapidly and profitably and thus generating increased revenues.

Low risk
This will be achieved without the costs, risks and delays associated with hiring employees and opening foreign sales offices. Like to learn more..?


No sales without marketing and communication. If needed we will support or develop with you an international strategy, either by old school canvassing or fully online and everything in between. We can develop a marcom strategy at the same time we implement a sales strategy.

GrowYellow provides software sales and marketing professionals who have specialized and have in-depth knowledge and experience in B2B sales and channel development to expand your sales and marketing power. GrowYellow works for companies with strong value propositions and repeatable business opportunities.

We will evaluate these key indicators, your organization, marketing strategy, sales support and agility to ensure that you fit into our model before we sign an agreement. Once we have all the information required, we will prepares a concise, hands-on plan to accomplish your objectives and priorities. This plan will include prospects based on your ideal customer profile and planned activities. It will be agile with the capacity to adapt speedily if needed. All this will be arranged within a few weeks.

This plan will contain all the sales needs to know and have for making a successful start. It will contain a benchmark for you and us, with targets, actions and end goals. It will direct us to the right markets, channels and end users and contain operational instructions: what to do and what not to do, how to represent and to negotiate, margins to use and borders to respect. As it is our game plan it will contain KPI’s that will be our references during our bi-weekly reviews with you.


Getting into new markets is a challenge for most Software companies. Weather you are among the main players in your home market and have all the funding needed, or you are have past the start-up phase but have limited funds. If you want to be a key player in your market segment you most likely have to go international. We can support you!

Being founded by and having a board of senior sales managers with international experience we can support you in your ambitions to expand.  With amongst us numerous start-ups, rapid expanded technology branches, double digit growth figures, we bring in an unbeatable knowledge. >> more


An Interim Manager is very helpful when a business is facing a change, internationalisation, turnaround, to bring out the mess, at a vacancy or when it is necessary to have the right skills on board. An Interim Manager can start immediately and bring with him experience, confident leadership, and implementation power.

Our team of Interim Managers has at least 15 years of experience in operationally successful change management from Technology companies and usually in an international context with deep expertise in sales, marketing, and organization deployment. All our Interim Managers are verified good leaders with the habit of dealing with emergency situations where it is necessary to deliver results from the first day.


We can support you in setting your BUSINESS OFFICE ABROAD.

We have affiliate specialists in setting up companies in the UK, Nordics, EU, USA and many other well-known and popular international jurisdictions. 

A large number of companies and individuals have already taken advantage of the opportunity to establish holding companies, operating and investment companies in other countries that are adapted to their business model. We have experienced a growing desire for companies abroad. Many businesses and individuals are already benefiting from having a company structure in other countries securing an enhanced business and higher earnings.

Establishing a UK company lets you take advantage of a favourable business structure, which is quite standard in England. When the company set up and its related bank accounts are executed well you will benefit from being compliant to the UK market and be able to secure local access.

Some of the customers we have worked for


GrowYellow is an ExO (Exponential Organization). This is a new organizational model that is conducive to an exponential age. It is at least 10x more effective, efficient and/or faster relative to its linear peers in the same market. (Introduction here).

Our clients benefits fully of this new way of setting up fast growing organizations with limited financial and human investments. GrowYellow has network of highly experienced business developers and marketing executives with a unique combination of industry knowledge, sales and marketing expertise and operational excellence.

Out of hubs in Copenhagen, Denmark and Eindhoven, The Netherlands we manage our international network business developers across Europe. Our business developers are all based in-country, native to local markets’ languages, culture, traditions and contacts. We are within a very short time able to assign a business developer that match your strategy and priorities.

This makes us one of the best resource for you as software vendor and mobile business application developer that need to drive sales and marketing fast in the global software industry. Like to know even more how you can benefit from our ExO (Exponential Organization)?
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