What we do


GrowYellow provides software sales and marketing professionals who have specialized and have in-depth knowledge and experience in B2B sales and channel development to expand your sales and marketing power.

With our extended network of contacts and database with more than 5000 potential customers. We use all the new tools available to select target customers, demonstrate your value proposition to potential customers or partners – and close business.
By this, we enable you to grow fast, accelerate sales and marketing within in your home market or entering new markets rapidly and profitably and thus generating increased revenues.

This will be achieved without the costs, risks and delays associated with hiring employees and opening foreign sales offices.
GrowYellow works for companies with strong value propositions and repeatable business opportunities. We will evaluate these key indicators, your organization, marketing strategy, sales support and agility to ensure that you fit into our model before we sign an agreement. Once we have all the information required, we will prepares a concise, hands-on plan to accomplish your objectives and priorities.

This plan will include prospects based on your ideal customer profile and planned activities. It will be agile with the capacity to adapt speedily if needed. All this will be arranged within a few weeks. We will assign a responsible client manager steering the team and reporting back to you about progress made.Once the agreement is in place, we search, select and bring in deals and partners for you. To optimize your earnings the GrowYellow business developer, ideally, manages one vendor product line at a time. At the same time clients receive the benefit of 100% of the business developers’ contacts, knowledge and influence.
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