Getting into new markets is a challenge for most tech companies. Weather you are among the main players in your home market and have all the funding needed, or you are have past the start-up phase but have limited funds. You most likely have limited visibility in foreign markets.

To make sure your next steps into new markets will be successful we often conduct one ore more workshops. This can be to exactly define your position on the startup curve, your current value proposition or your companies positioning.

GrowYellow uses well known models like the Business Model Generation Canvas from Alexander Osterwalder and The Startup Owner’s Manual by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf making sure we create a solid foundation without inventing the wheel again.

By these workshops we provide you with solid business plan and a roadmap with agile tools to support you in the decisions.

What to do next? This could be:

  • Designing the roadmap to go international
  • Prepare the Go2Market plan
  • Finding new business areasNew key players
  • Product diversification
  • Pricing models
  • Looking for repeatable business opportunities

The objective of the market assessment phase is to map the competitive environment and the demand pattern for your solution. We will conduct a market research focusing on below key areas:

  • Potential customers vs the ideal customer profile.
  • Number of potential customers
  • Purchasing patterns
  • Competitive solutions serving the same needs as yours
  • Potential Value Added Resellers and Systems integrators
  • Value propositions of the competitive solutions
  • Customer satisfaction with their current suppliers and solutions
  • Do the clients plan to replace or complement their current solutions?
  • Which pain areas are unresolved by the existing solutions?
  • Latent pain scenario required sufficient for your business case
  • Challenges to access the right decision making level with your current value proposition

The Market Assessment will provide the basis for designing the most appropriate Go-To-Market model including the most productive qualification, contact, sales and closing process.