About us:

GrowYellow is an ExO (Exponential Organization). This is a new organizational model that is conducive to an exponential age. It is at least 10x more effective, efficient and/or faster relative to its linear peers in the same market. (Introduction to Exponential Organization).

Our clients benefits fully of this new way of setting up fast growing organizations with limited financial and human investments. GrowYellow has network of highly experienced business developers and marketing executives with a unique combination of industry knowledge, sales and marketing expertise and operational excellence.

Out of hubs in Copenhagen, Denmark and Eindhoven, The Netherlands we manage our international network business developers across Europe. Our business developers are all based in-country, native to local markets’ languages, culture, traditions and contacts. We are within a very short time able to assigned a business developer that match your strategy and priorities.

This makes us one of the best resource for you as software vendor and mobile business application developer that need to drive sales and marketing fast in the global software industry.